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CITC is an all volunteer organization. Without the commitment and caring of our volunteers, CITC could not accomplish its mission to rescue and place kitties in permanent and loving homes. Constantly in need of the services of others to maintain the cattery,  CITC seeks to offer volunteer opportunities.  There are numerous jobs which require the skills, talents and interests of the public.  Helping the cats and kittens can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  If you have a few hours per day, per week or just once in a while, CITC invites you to help us help the homeless kitties in our care. 


How You Can Help                    cat in motin 


Our number one priority is help to clean at our shelter.  This involves considerable physical labor to clean cages, sweep and mop floors, take out garbage, refill supplies, etc.  This position requires faithful attendance to a schedule since the kitties must have food and water every day.  We are seeking people who can be long term volunteers and volunteer on a regular basis, weekly, daily or on the weekend.    


  • Clean cages
    • scooping litter boxes, washing and filling food and water bowls, changing pet beds
  • Socialize kitties
    • hands on petting, cuddling and a few treats
  •  Medical help
    • seek professional support from the veterinary community to visit the shelter and perform routine medical checks, give medications offer medical direction
  •  Transport
    • bringing our cats to their veterinary appointments, picking up kitties who are being surrendered, delivering kitties who have been adopted, picking up donated supplies
  •   Adoptions
    • attending our weekend adoption events at the Alpharetta PetSmart involves speaking with the public, setting up the cages, etc in preparation for the event, breaking down when the event is over
  •   Collections
    • canvasing for donations of needed items in neighborhoods, business locations and other public places
  •   Fundraising
    • reaching out to the public to increase awareness and fund CITC's efforts

How You Can Sign Up:                                                                       

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