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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of breathless moments you have".

Please read below and help these wonderful animals have their share of breathless moments


Homes  Needed

There is a special group of kitties who are in need of adoption.  They may be senior citizens, carry the Feline AIDS virus,  test positive for Feline Leukemia , or need additional  medical support during their lifetime due to an existing disease.  Cats with special needs deserve love and homes, too. Most are adoring and completely unaware they have any condition which some might think makes them "imperfect." They are perfect in their own way.  Please take some time to visit with them on this page and consider giving one or more a loving home.  You may  inquire by email at 



Many cat lovers are unaware of what a wonderful and normal quality of life a cat with Feline AIDS can have.  A complete, high quality and well- balanced diet, twice yearly vet exam, and close monitoring to watch for any early signs of sickness is all it takes to care for an AIDS positive cat. For more information about the disease and living with an AIDS positive cat go to


The following kitties all have the AIDS virus but are also healthy and happy and looking forward to a long life as someone's special feline friend.  Their stories can be seen under "Available Cats". 

 HOWARD  Howard


I am just a big and lovable guy.  I talk a lot and I am a curious kitty who likes to explore my surroundings.  I meet the volunteers at the door with a happy meow. I hope my new home is filled with happy people who are looking for a happy family cat to love forever   




OLIVER- adopted!


I am a happy, happy guy. I love to play, love to eat and love to be loved.  My bad luck to also be infected with the aids virus but I am banking on living a long life anyway.  Everyone loves me and you will too.








hutton I am a patient and loving kitty who adores to petted and held.  So handsome and well behaved and hoping to have the opportunity to enrich someone's life by becoming their best friend, confidant, and everlasting love.





The kitties below have the FeLV virus which causes Feline Leukemia.  They are  just as sweet and loving as non-infected kitties.  They may require some extra care on occasion but other than that they can live a relatively normal, but shortened, life.  This is an incurable disease and there is no way to predict how long an infected kitty will live. Some kitties live years.   FeLV is  transmissable only to other cats , not humans or other animal species not in the cat family.  For more infomation go to

FELIX- adopted!
FELIXI'm just a young guy - lucky to be rescued - unlucky to have the leukemia virus.  I am so healthy, and am expected to be healthy for a long time.  No one knows how long but I get good nutritional food and vitamins and all that will help me.  I am very friendly and love to be held and am very playful.  My biggest wish is for someone to find me, fall in love with me, take a chance on me and yes, take me home.

Aspen- adopted!

 I am a happy and playful guy who loves people.  I have a favorite mouse and bed and am happy about that.  I love to hand out cuddly nuzzles to all those who visit and would be happy to be that kitty that lifts your spirits at the end of a sorry day.  Hoping that someone will take me home and give me the same.


Dottie - adopted


I am a happy, happy girl .  I love to play and chase and have wonderful kitty treats.  While I have tested positive for Feline Leukemia, I am strong and well.  I'm hoping that someone will step forward and give me that loving home that I dream of every night. 




Winky and Trace 


We are two very nice kitties who have been together forever.  Unfortunately our forever started in a home with 50 other cats before we were rescued.  We play, we romp, we practice being naughty and nice every day.  We are experts in our field!  We also share something else. We both test positive for feline leukemia.  Healthy as ever, we look forward to a future filled with love - no matter how long that future may be.   There are no definites and we can live a long while but we feel the need to be home right now so that we can enjoy every minute of every day for every day that we have.  Please help us find a home.


   In a perfect world, every cat would have a home and every home would have a cat.